Unconventional Capital Wisdom, LLC is a registered investment advisor in New York state. We provide contract based research and manage investment accounts for high-net worth individuals and institutions. As our name states, we dare to be different to provide our clients with a higher probability of achieving superior investment results over the long-term with lower amounts of risk.

Fee Only

We are compensated with a fee based on a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM) or a performance fee.  We do not receive commissions and our incentives are aligned with investors.

Business Owner

We don’t look at stocks as pieces of paper but as partial ownership in real businesses.  As a business owner, we are concerned with buying companies with good economics for low attractive prices.


All investments we look at must pass our strict valuation criteria and process.  We want to buy companies we understand for prices that are much lower than our calculation of intrinsic value.


We see investing as a no strike game where we can wait for that pitch that is in our sweet spot.  Once that above average company trades at a below average price, we act and we do so with conviction.