About Us

Unconventional Capital Wisdom, LLC is registered investment advisor in New York state. We provide a monthly newsletter, contract based research and manage investment accounts for high-net worth individuals and institutions. Our main focus is providing long-term value to our clients. Our investment philosophy focuses on buying small cap companies with above average business characteristics for below average prices and preferably holding onto them for periods beyond 5 years. We also feel that to be successful in investing it is necessary to continually build worldly wisdom and understand our own thinking process.

The Unconventional Difference

It takes an unconventional approach to get unconventional returns.

Conventional Wisdom

  • Business Appraisal Skills 5%
  • Patience 1%
  • Follow the Crowd 95%
  • Rationality 10%
  • Conviction 3%

Unconventional Wisdom

  • Business Appraisal Skills 92%
  • Patience 95%
  • Follow the Crowd 1%
  • Rationality 95%
  • Conviction 98%